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Full-body EMS training is a highly effective and time-efficient training method for increasing muscle strength and performance. The strength programs are used to build up the muscles, tighten and strengthen the connective tissue and the skin with a high basal metabolic rate and calories burned. (i.e. strength training, HIT, muscle toning)

Once a week – for 20 minutes! This means that EMS training can be regularly scheduled and personally monitored by both sides. Week after week, this provides a significant training stimulus, which guarantees to help you reach your goal with the greatest efficiency! EMS Strength Training is a great way to stimulate inactive muscles and rebuild strength when you're not able to do so through conventional training methods.

(This program comes with an optional 5 minutes for relaxation or cardio.)


Stimulates weight loss in combination with the strength programs. The Endurance program improves circulation and increases muscle mass and reduction of body fat levels by building muscle and stimulating the metabolism. (i.e. cardio, aerobics, yoga, plyometrics)

This program doesn’t penetrate the muscles as deep as the strength program and because of that, can be done for a longer duration and more than once a week. Burn more calories faster by utilizing this advanced EMS cardio technology!


Improve overall performance on the course with Electro Muscle Stimulation training. EMS delivers Whole Body EMS training, designed to help build muscle and strength in a short, 20-minute training session. This results in increased swing speed, distance, core strength and on-course stamina. WB-EMS training revolutionizes the way we can target and strengthen vital golf-specific muscles and movements, all while protecting the body from unnecessary stress; especially compared to more traditional strength training methods. EMS training is an inclusive training method for golfers no matter their physical ability.


Our recovery stimulation program helps to detox the body, lower blood lactate levels and reduce swelling in chronic and acute pain areas. Swelling that occurs in muscle tissue post-work out can restrict blood flow in these areas. Treating this inflammation immediately after training is a vital step towards better health and speedy recovery. You can also book a Relaxation & Recovery session on the days you don’t perform EMS training.




Miha Bodytec is the leading premium manufacturer of EMS training commitment.

Miha Bodytec stands for reliable, innovative, safe, and suitable products. All relevant worldwide providers of EMS training trust in the EMS device manufacturer Miha Bodytec.


The patent-pending i-body® electrode system in combination with the miha bodytec training clothing ensures optimum feeling during exercise. Quick to put on, easy to clean and long durability provide all the requirements for high-frequency commercial use.


EMS Denver delivers a highly effective and time-efficient training method designed for optimal conditioning; burn fat, develop strength, tighten muscles, combat cellulite, jump-start your metabolism and restore your body's natural balance.


The session involves wearing an EMS antibacterial bodysuit and vest that delivers currents to all 8 muscle groups easily reaching deeper muscle tissues. These contractions are more intense than those activated in traditional strength training with comparatively very low stress on the joints. Once a week is sufficient for reliably achieving individual goals, with its effectiveness proven in numerous scientific studies.


With EMS Denver concierge sessions, a Certified EMS trainer will come to you with the leading premium manufacturer of EMS training commitment: The Miha Bodytec machine. During each 20 minute EMS training session electrical impulses stimulate the muscles externally, activating nearly 90% of your muscle fibers. At 85 muscle contractions per second, EMS mimics the brain's natural pulses, only more intensively. You will see and feel the results of a two-hour, total body workout.




Meredith Munden /

CEO & Founder

Hi, I'm Meredith Munden. I am an ACE certified personal trainer, Certified Electro Muscle Stimulation Trainer, and Licensed EMS Fitness Expert from the German training institute, Gluckerkolleg. I focus on aspiring, challenging, and encouraging my clients to build strength and confidence within their EMS training sessions.

I was born and raised in Dallas, TX and attended The University of Texas as a Fine Art Studies major. I grew up swimming competitively starting at the age of 5 years old and worked my way up to the collegiate level. I was inspired to join the fitness industry after reflecting on the value and lessons learned through my swimming career as well as working with a personal trainer of my own.

I provide customized in person EMS training where I focus on strength, conditioning, and weight loss programming. My fitness lifestyle taught me that hard work pays off and a positive attitude helps achieve your goals, so let me cater to your individual goals and be your biggest cheerleader along the way!

Turner Munden /

COO & Certified EMS Trainer

Hi, I’m Turner Munden and I am a Certified Electro Muscle Stimulation Trainer.

I grew up in Houston, TX and attended Texas A&M University, receiving both my BBA and Master’s in Accounting. My passion to pursue an active lifestyle consists of running, cycling, weight lifting, pilates, and now my newest venture, Electro Muscle Stimulation.

I am a part-time EMS trainer and a full-time CPA, overseeing all business operations for EMS Denver.


To allow for the body to adjust to EMS, training frequency should not exceed more than one training session per week for the first 8-10 weeks.

How often should I perform an EMS training session?

Not at all. EMS is so effective because it’s a proactive technology developed for athletes, targeting the entire body to achieve optimal conditioning, burn fat, develop strength, tighten muscles, jump start your metabolism and restore natural balance.

Is it similar to an Ab Belt?

It’s similar to the pressure you would experience during a typical massage session.

How does EMS feel?

EMS pads are strategically places near the particular muscle being stimulated, with small adjustments of the impulse intensity, current rhythms made to match your fitness level. The muscle contracts and releases rhythmically in response to the stimuli.

What are the pads for?

If correctly supervised and administered by a professional, there is no danger inherent in this technology. EMS is a popular means of training utilized by many studios throughout the world. The low current has been approved by the FDA and there are no known cases of muscular injury associated with an EMS electro stimulation session.

Are there any safety issues?

Definitely! In fact, it’s been scientifically tested under carefully regulated and controlled research conditions. Thousands of EMS studios have adopted and employ the technology throughout the world.

  • Always drink sufficient fluids before, during and after EMS training. At least 500 ml of water half an hour before your session.

  • EMS training is a highly intensive form of loading which mainly needs carbohydrates. The advantage of using a large amount of energy and having a better metabolic rate is that the body uses more calories and, therefore, the total caloric expenditure increases. Carbohydrates are your muscles’ favorite energy source!

  • No weight lifting 24 hours prior to your session. This ensures training success by preventing the accumulation of muscle waste products, and allowing time for proper recovery and continued adjustment to the training sessions.

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  • Stimulates muscular blood flow

  • Kickstarts your metabolism

  • Enhances muscular strength and power

  • Reduces body fat and cellulite

  • Tones muscle and tightens skin

  • Stress free on joints, ligaments, and spine

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Back pain relief

  • Postpartum Specialization


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  • Strength Training

  • Endurance Training

  • Golf Training​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Postpartum Specialization



  • One Person Session $150

  • Two Person Session $240

  • 3+ Person Session $125/person




  • Relaxation & Recovery



  • Sessions of your choice - strength, endurance or a combination of each.

  • Optional 5 Minutes Body Recovery Program Following Each Session

  • Optional Fitness/Lifestyle/Nutrition Goal Discussion

8 One-Person sessions



  • Sessions of your choice - strength, endurance or a combination of each.

  • Optional 5 Minutes Body Recovery Program Following Each Session

  • Optional Fitness/Lifestyle/Nutrition Goal Discussion

8 Two-Person Sessions


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